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The Sickle Cell Adult Provider Network (SCAPN)

The Sickle Cell Adult Provider Network (SCAPN) was established in 2002 with a mission to establish and support an interactive network for healthcare providers and investigators who serve adults with sickle cell disease.  This was the first, and remains the only, national organization that offers a home for healthcare professionals from multiple disciplines who focus on adult-oriented research, clinical care, provider education/training, mentorship and advocacy in sickle cell disease.


February is Black History Month

A good read is a book called Dying in the City of the Blues:Sickle Cell Anemia the Politics of Race and Health by Keith Wailoo

Wailoo follows the disease and its sufferers from the early days of obscurity before sickle cell's "discovery" by Western medicine through its rise to clinical, scientific, and social prominence in the 1950s; to its politicization in the 1970s and 1980s.  Looking forward, he considers the consequences of managed care on the politics of disease in the twenty-first century.






Press Release

Global Blood Therapeutics Announces Enrollment of First Patient in Phase 3 HOPE Study in Sickle Cell Disease

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Jan. 18, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Global Blood Therapeutics, Inc. (GBT) (NASDAQ:GBT) today announced enrollment of the first patient in the HOPE (Hemoglobin Oxygen Affinity Modulation to Inhibit HbS PolymErization) Study, a pivotal Phase 3 clinical trial of GBT440 in people with sickle cell disease (SCD). The HOPE Study will be conducted at leading SCD sites globally and is expected to enroll up to 400 adults and adolescents with SCD who have had at least one episode of vaso-occlusive crisis (VOC) in the previous year.

"Enrolling the first patient in our pivotal Phase 3 HOPE Study is an important milestone for GBT as we continue to work to bring GBT440 to the SCD community,” said Ted W. Love, M.D., president and chief executive officer of GBT. “The innovative HOPE Study trial design has strong grounding in the mechanism of action of GBT440 and is designed to assess the efficacy of GBT440 in producing meaningful clinical improvements in anemia and daily symptoms. GBT440 has the potential to fundamentally modify the course of this devastating disease by inhibiting sickle hemoglobin polymerization, the fundamental cause of SCD pathophysiology.”

HOPE Study Design
The randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, multi-national trial will enroll patients age 12 and older with SCD who have had at least one episode of VOC in the previous year. The study will be conducted in two parts: Part A will compare GBT440 administered at doses of 900 or 1,500 mg per day vs. placebo in up to 150 patients treated for at least 12 weeks, and Part B will include 250 patients randomized to placebo or a dose of GBT440 selected from Part A. The main objectives of Part A are to select the optimal dose, define the final secondary endpoints for Part B, and qualify the patient-reported outcome (PRO) instrument. The primary efficacy endpoint of the HOPE Study is the proportion of patients who achieve a greater than 1 g/dL increase in hemoglobin at 24 weeks of treatment compared with baseline. Key secondary efficacy endpoints include the effect of GBT440 on SCD symptom exacerbation (as measured by the HOPE PRO instrument), overall SCD symptoms, traditionally defined VOCs, hospitalizations and red blood cell transfusions.


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